Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Minimalist | Would Sophrosyne the Greek Goddess live in a Tiny House?

My sister shared an article with me about
 "Sophrosyne" [suh-fros-uh-nee
posted by  Miss Minimalist .
I found the article interesting and thought it was worth sharing. 

Looking back at the philosophical thinking of the The Ancient Greeks might help one define and consider what they really mean when the declare themselves as a "Minimalist".

An Empty Room is not "Minimalist"

describes her thoughts of what a Minimalist is and isn't 
based on the philosophy of Sophrosyne .
 I would have to tend to agree.
She Writes:
"There are three main facets to Sophrosyne:
  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-restraint
  • Harmony
Or, in my minimalist interpretation:
  • Knowing what’s enough for you
  • Choosing enough over excess
  • Finding joy in enough

Sophrosyne, then, isn’t about self-denial. Rather, it’s avoiding overindulgence (like doing, buying, owning, or eating “too much”) because it truly makes you happier to do so.

Some examples:

Sophrosyne isn’t skipping the Doritos or a second helping, and feeling miserable about it; it’s eating healthy foods, in healthy proportions, because it makes your body feel better.

Sophrosyne isn’t denying yourself that new handbag/gadget/car, while continuing to yearn for it; it’s being excited to preserve some of the Earth’s resources, or put that money into your child’s college fund instead.

Sophrosyne isn’t giving up your TV because it’s “a minimalist thing,” but because it gives you more time to pursue the activities you love.

Sophrosyne isn’t throwing all your stuff away in a no-holds-barred decluttering session; it’s questioning whether each item you own adds value to your life, or if you’d be happier without it.

Sophrosyne isn’t about choosing moderation because you think you should, but because it feels right and delights your soul.

A common misconception about minimalists is that we ditch our material possessions in some bizarre attempt to deny ourselves the “pleasures” of consumerism. I think what critics don’t get is this concept of sophrosyne: that we reject over consumption because we get more pleasure from not owning three closets of clothes or a houseful of knickknacks. We derive more happiness from saving our space, time, money, or the planet, than acquiring more possessions.

Sophrosyne isn’t about self-restraint for its own sake, but rather the joy it brings us. It’s living a wise, graceful, and balanced life because we wouldn’t have it any other way."

The Tiny House movement is fueled by many frames of thought. Everyone has their driving forces that persuade them towards one way of thinking or another. Think about what really is the most important driving factor of why you do what you do and the choices you make towards a 
Minimalist Lifestyle.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

SketchUp | Replace Susan with Yourself

When I open a new file in SketchUp I am now the default Face Me Component!
Here was the default Susan.
So this is how I did it.
Take a photo of yourself and remove background with software like Photoshop.

Make a vector path of your selection and export as a Illustrator file
 and also save a .png file with a transparent background.
 I chose to edit my image to B&W with some Photoshop filters but you don't have to.

Use software like Illustrator to simplify the bezier curves and straighten to line segments which SketchUp  understands better.
Export your modified paths to a .dwg file.

Now use SketchUp
Import the .dwg file into SketchUp and use the MakeFaces plugin to make the outline into surfaces.
Attach onto the surface your .png file.

Turn this drawing into a FaceMe component and save in your library.
You can even make a new template so that every time you open a new file in SketchUp you start with a scaled figure of yourself instead of Susan.

 Easy right?
Heh Heh. 
It's really not hard at all once you get use to it and understand what's going on.
For more detailed info and a easy to follow video
visit the 
The SketchUp Show #19

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project "Freedom" | Tiny House

     Freedom is the name of the Tiny House that Habitat Hole is going to build. We will be posting updates of the progress of this Tiny House build for all that are interested to follow along.

     "Freedom" will be a Tiny House sized roughly 8'-6" x 22'-0" for a total of 187 SF on the main floor plan. Our intentions are to utilize as much reclaimed materials as possible throughout the build.

     Still on the drawing boards, here are some initial ideas at the beginning of the design phase.

       A long way to go yet but we'll keep you updated. Questions or thoughts are always welcome.